1. Training programme: Media Literacy for parents

A training programme for Media Literacy designed specifically for parents of school age children, aiming to cover their actual needs and improve their skills and competences. The training programme will be used during the implementation of workshops that will be executed in partners’ countries.

The first step for the creation of the programme is the identification of current practices regarding media literacy in partners' countries. For this reason, partners conducted desk research on the topic of media literacy and developed an online survey addressed to parents. Also, partners organized focus group interviews with parents and experts in media literacy, who gave them feedback on the findings of the online survey. 

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Synthesis Report        EN

Presentation for Parents: 


Handouts Trainers

2. Web App ML4P

A digital web application which will contain a pool of resources and activities regarding media literacy, directed to parents and their children.

You can watch this video to learn how to use the web app:


3. Parents' guide to media literacy

A Guide that will include information on the topics addressed in the training programme and will be used by trainers as a handbook for the workshops.



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